Afrolems; The No 1 Quality Nigerian Recipe Plug

Afrolems is a food blog that focuses on Nigerian, African and International Food recipes. It is owned by Atim Ukoh a graduate of Digital enterprise management who runs it with the help of her co-blogger Feyisope Akinyosoye even though they are in different locations.

In an interview she said Afrolems was birthed as a response to her friends inability to get Nigerian Foods in Toronto due to distance and other factors. After a meeting with her mother she decided to make her signature meals and the reception was encouraging as it established her customer base and orders started piling in. Blogging to her was initially just an outlet to share her creativity.

The first orders piled in early 2009 when she was residing in Mississauga, adapting to orders and delivering effectively widened her horizon to Greater Toronto Area and Non Nigerians who were curious to taste the wonders of Nigerian meals.

Picture from Afrolems

Even though Afrolems focus is Nigerian recipe they have played around with it a lot in order to achieve their goal of making it visible in the international cuisine world. She makes food on order with the help of her team from Nigerians in Diaspora, this has influenced her cooking style and helps her improve her recipes greatly.

The recipes put up on Afrolems blog range from patisserie to soups and meals. the meals recipes have been complied into a free e-book which contains various Christmas, Summer and Plantain Recipes and has been made available on the website due to popular demand.

Over time they have hit remarkable milestones like catering for weddings, baby showers, in-house parties, interviews, holding tasting sessions, article mentions, high blog views that shows that people love what they are doing and appreciate it. these are the remarkable warm moments they love to celebrate as a team as they are all that matters to them as it gives them strength to rise above the only major Obstacle they have which is their locations at certain times in the year.

This blog is one of the leading voices of the Nigerian Cuisine online and outside Nigeria. Their social media presence equally has a strong standing, they have optimized the use of platforms like Instagram to influence the media narrative on African Cuisine.

Afrolems twitter society has a link embedded food educative tweets on Nigerian foods, pastries which redirect to their Youtube channel and blog posts for follow up respectively. The facebook page is filled with a lot of weekly food making series with new and exciting ingredients. they also make use of Instagram aesthetics to upload beautiful pictures on their Pinterest Page to dazzle their followers and catalogs to keep them refresh their sights and inform them of new recipes that might spark their interest.

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