Baltimore, The Dazzling Hub of Nigerian Culture.

Baltimore is the most populous city in Maryland, the 30th most populous in United States. it is the Largest most independent city in Usa and has been declared so by the constitution of Maryland. I

The Baltimore food scene is interesting as it houses the little italy food and culture which is a mix of the Italian, American Cuisine and Traditional African/ Nigerian Cuisine. This city is also famous for its Maryland blue crab, crab cakes,chicken box, old bay seasoning and pit beef.

The presence of a large number of Africans in Baltimore has also influenced the food scene as there is a steady upward growth in the desire for African foods, restaurants that sell traditional African meals have risen to the occasion are striving to sell hot Amala to satisfy cravings daily.

Nigerians in Baltimore have built a community of oneness and solidarity, they have gathered time and time again to celebrate together and the rise in occasions like this has given the Nigerian meal an edge and a reason to thrive in the community.

These parties are recreated to fit the typical Nigerian Owambe perfectly, there is a host , people who wear the traditional African Aso Ebi attires, Soul moving meals like Amala, Ogunfe, Ewa Aganyi and the most important ingredient , a live band for body grooving music. Nigerians here bond over their Nationality, the food, their experiences and how living in Baltimore has been.

Nigerian Fest is a Two days festival organized by the Nigerian Youth Association of Maryland in 2007 with the goal to showcase the authentic nature of the Nigerian culture through food, groove, art, dance. These series of events have led to a rise in the need for constant availability of the Nigerian cuisine in Baltimore by the residents.

In response to this demand a stream of restaurants that focus on the Nigerian cuisine have washed into the town to provide warm, homey meals to people who want a taste of home at anytime at affordable rates. Most of them have signed on to big delivery platforms to ensure that distance is not a barrier with any prospective client.

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