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Bellisima nutritional and fitness organization is owned by Nkeoma DND Agu, she is a Post Partum Specialist, Certified Weight loss Coach, Certified Fitness Coach, Certified Fitness Nutrition coach, Speaker and Writer. It was created in 2008.

Nkeoma grew up in Nigeria then relocated to Germany to live with her husband and kids for some years, She then moved back to Nigeria to base in Enugu. Being just a married woman left her with a void she felt the need to fill but did not know how to so she started with her culture of wellness, Women that start a weight loss program with her not only lose weight but a lot of them have created and built businesses, written books, became consultants, grown into their sexuality, recognized their purpose, built stronger relationship in their family, and have finally achieved work/life balance.

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Bellisima fitness is an award winning weight loss and fitness organization that helps women hit their body goals while taking care of their mind, work life and body simultaneously, helps them understand selflove and their full potentials while growing in a place of love. There is a blog section filled with business tips, Life tips on how to focus on your goals, nutritional tips like Best Nigerian foods for weight loss , customers testimonials all categorized by months in a year.

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There is a beautiful variety to choose from when one needs a plan, some common types are ; Ultimate curves guide, 14days digestive restoration program, The reset to wellness plan. There are also webinar events like how to get your body back after childbirth and Bootcamps like the Stronger me boot camp held in Enugu.

She connects with them and they start their wellness journey together.

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