Chef Lola; The Nigerian Culinary Kitchen.

Osinkolu Oluwafunmilola who is fondly known to Cooking, Kitchen enthusiasts as Chef Lola is a graduate of Geology and Mineral Science. She is married with three children and her husband is the tech guru responsible for the smooth running of her blog. She is the wonder woman of cooking that has helped you perfect a recipe or spice up your meal schedule at some point of the other.

Cooking has been a passion of hers from her eve years, she was said to have successfully carried out a task of feeding over 20 people while she was a little over 8years old. She is a self taught baker, the skill however can be said to run in her blood as her grandmother was a baker and her Aunt utilizes baking as a main source of income.

Chef Lolas Banga Soup
Picture from Chef Lolas blog
Her bloodline cannot be discussed without mentioning food as her mother who had a tremendous impact on her life, cooking and decisions in general. This has fueled her love for making indigenous Nigerian meals. She is an African cuisine lover and devote up-lifter of the African Cuisine in every aspect and this inspired her creation on Chef Lolas blog where she puts up recipes.
Chef Lolas meals
Picture from Chef Lolas Blog

The initial goal was to run a restaurant. This decision was influenced by the comments and support from her friends who ate her meals every time they had get-together and realized there was something special to it, but her husband realized it would be too stressful for her to shuffle while raising Three Children so they opted for her to run a YouTube channel.

Over time ChefLolas blog has been the go to place on the internet for African food recipes especially for people who want to try out new meals and pastries.

Chef Lolas Pastries
Picture from Chef Lolas Blog

She has devoted herself to working with accurate measurements for people interested in recreating her recipe at any point. the Nigerian spice measuring method over time has revolved mainly around the use of hands and intuition to gauge the quantity of spices that should be in each meal, this has been a huge hurdle for Chef Lola in her bid to create accurate recipes. She encourages her views to purchase measuring spoons and cups so as to aid their spice measuring and ensure they get it right when trying to recreate all she has made.

Chef Lolas blog recipes have been packaged into three sections to make it easier to navigate around the blog and locate what you need at the right time. Traditional Nigerian Food Recipes on her blog include that of Okra Soup, Ewa Aganyin, Jollof Rice, Soup Recipes revolve around Banga, Chicken Peanut Soup, Ogbona, Efo riro, and her Baking Recipes include cakes, bread, cookies, dessert and so much more.

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