Egunsi Foods, Ready To Consume Soups.

Egunsi Foods is a local Nigerian soups packaged manufacturing company started by Yemisi Awosan a Nigerian based in New York which is focused on creating a frozen brand of Nigerian soups from locally sourced raw materials to create a frozen foods brand.

The brand has created pocket friendly bowls of ‘ready-to-heat grab and go’ soups, entrees, sauces, recipes that can be used in learning how to make African meals. all their products are made from fresh ingredients sourced from farmers within their region, they are fresh, made from whole ingredients, 100% vegan and devoid of artificial preservatives. the effort put into it shows that it is a brand that cares about her customers.

Egunsi soups which range from ewedu, gbegiri to omi obe can be enjoyed cold or warm in the portable and eye pleasing clear beautiful jars they are packaged in. There is an extensive recipe catalog on their blog that covers most of the meals they sell, for anyone that wants to make the meals at home and doesn’t know how to go about it.

Egunsi foods has a stocklist that cuts across NewYork area for anyone that is interested in patronizing them by either purchasing their soup jars or having then cater for the needs of people at events. Their pack price is $80. Reviews from satisfied customers say that their services are topnotch and very warm.

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