Ewa Agoyin, The Soulful Meal.

Ewa Agoyin is a traditional West African meal of beans, pepper which is mostly eaten with bread. It is a good alternative for people who don’t like the normal beans porridge. it is a wildly referenced meal in most areas of Nigeria, most especially in Lagos where it is deemed a soul food and eaten with the popular and ever soft Agege Bread.

The meal was inculcated into the Nigerian culture by Agoyin people from Cotonu when they migrated in mass to the country . The meal can also be pronounced as Ewa Aganyin
ewa agoyin and bread
Picture from All Nigerian Foods.com

This meal is made by boiling black eyed peas till it is at ones desired softness then proceeding to make the sauce with cameroon pepper, onions and palm oil. Here is the full recipe and measuring instructions.

There is no specific beans that should be used for cooking, it is all based on preference but black eye peas retain shape which makes it better if you don’t want your beans smashed.

It is most times eaten early in the morning as it is a well sustainable and stomach filling meal. It is mostly eaten by manual workers who have no midday time to eat but need their strength for the whole day. The nutritional value includes carbs, protein and calories which makes it a healthy meal.

Sometimes you would crave for this delicacy mid-vacation in another side of the globe and wouldnt know how to get it. here is a list of restaurants in whatever city you’re in sell amazingly delicious Ewa Agoyin for your tasting pleasure.

Ewa Agoyin goes well with any type of drink, however the recommended traditional drink that goes best with it is freshly tapped Palmwine.
ewa agoyin
Picture from Abe-igi
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