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Fit4HealthNg is a weight loss and dieting organization owned by Dr. Adebusola Adefeso is a Medical Doctor and a Certified Personal Nutritionist who helps busy women struggling with weight loss and their health. They’ve tried all sort of diets with no lasting results due to their busy schedule. I provide simple and actionable strategies to lose the weight and maintain it so they can live a life they love.

She knows how to help you lose weight sustainably in a way that doesn’t require you to stick to a restricted meal plan or exercise hours a day to make it happen. Instead, you will lose weight while eating Nigerian foods you love without any form of restriction or deprivation and with intensive personalized coaching that supports you and your lifestyle.

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Fit4HealthNg Testimonials

Creating Fit4HealthNg started as a result of her self consciousness after seeing numerous patients with diseases that could have been avoided or better coped with if they had a healthy weight, she decided to lose some weight hoping that will help her get rid of her belly fat. She had a lot of hiccups on the journey filled with lots of google searches, eating strictly fruit, paying two coaches in dollars and losing belly fat but gaining it back due to her inability to maintain the lifestyle.

Adebusola took a course on Nutrition Course which taught her how to fit good nutritional habits into my lifestyle, This changed her mindset and she started to implement the simple things she learnt which in turn made a big difference. She lost the weight and belly fat and I’ve maintained it for 3 years.

Her medical experience and personal struggles are what inspired me to take control of my health and learn which foods were wreaking havoc on my body and how best to reverse it using a personalized approach that factors in my busy schedule. She has also dedicated herself to helping out people like her who want to lose weight but cant seem to get it done or make it work with their schedule.

Fit4HealthNg is a blog dedicated to passing important health and dieting information to people who need it, it also has some weight loss recipes alongside her book on weight loss, she also has information on detox meal plans for interested people. The plans are customized to ones meal preferences, body goals and any specific desire as opposed to a rigid style one cannot do anything about but live with.

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