Palm Wine; The Soothing Royal Drink.

Palm Wine is a traditional white African drink made from the collecting of sap from different types of palm trees; the coconut palm , the Palmyra, date palm. it is an Alcoholic drink, one of the oldest and most revered drink of Adults and young people.

In the Nigerian scene it is referred to as “emu”, “oguro”, other parts of the contenent like Asia, South America, Caribbean have other names for this drink.

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Palm wine is made by collecting the sap from a cut flower palm tree and letting it ferment for a little over two hours which by then it has transformed into a sweet drink with less than 10% alcoholic content. The fermentation process is very important as it determines the product you would end up with, the known end product of a long fermentation period is Vinegar however there is Ogogoro a strong traditional gin gotten from distilled palm wine.

The health benefits of this sweet drink cannot be overemphasized, it is a good source of antioxidant which helps fight cancer, aids in the maintenance of good eyesight, hair, skin and nail, it also promotes lactation. this goes to show that taking this drink in good proportion would do nothing but good to the overall health of one.

The drink can be taken at any period one desires but it must be present during specific important traditional occasions; the first in-law meeting, the wedding, funeral wakes, child naming ceremonies. Depending on the occasion the container the drink is drunk in might vary but the traditional African drinking gourd is the proper container for drinking it because it keeps the drink cool. it can be served cold or at house temperature but it is recommended to take it cool in order to avoid stomach upset that might be caused by the hotness of the drink.

It is an all food drunk. it goes well with pounded yam and egusi, ewa aganyin and bread, grilled rabbit, fried fish ,also goes well as just a relaxation drink. Industrialization has led to the packaging and store sales of this drink and this has brought it closer to people especially lovers of palm wine that are not in the country, they can get it at black owned convenience stores in their city.

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