• Ruths Buka was conceived when Ruth Ogbe could not get Nigerian meals at any restaurant in her region due to the unavailability of Nigerian restaurants in the location.  Ogbe first moved to Oakland from Lagos in 1998, she couldn’t find any Nigerian restaurants to eat at when she didn’t want to cook, so she eventually opened her own to fill that hole. “I always had it in my mind like when I'm ready, that's what I'm gonna do,” and she did in October 2015.

    The Restaurants menu is filled with specialties from all over Nigeria starting with the crowd-pleasing Jollof rice to a variety of stews from Egusi to bitter leaf and pepper soup featuring your choice of fish, chicken, beef or goat.  Ogbe’s restaurant is only one of three Nigerian restaurants in the East Bay (Miliki is nearby in the Laurel and Golden Safari in neighboring Hayward.

    In Nigerian communities  a buka refers to casual dining spots that function as social hubs as much as eateries, often spilling out of open-view kitchens into the street. To learn more about Ruths Buka here is an article.

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5250 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA 94601

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  • October 26, 2021 5:14 pm local time