Lose It Nigerian, Fitness Myth Breaker.

Lose it Nigerian is a certified weight loss organization that helps Nigerians, lovers of Nigerian dishes eat healthy while maintaining their preferred body figure and goals.

Proper application of Lose it Nigerian schedules has broken the myth that has been passed down into our minds from the things we see on the street and our mothers bodies that it is hard to eat Traditional Nigerian meals and have a nice shape, this has pushed most of the growing young Adult generation to resorting to surgeries, creams and teas in a bid to get the perfect body shape.

This platform was created by Ronke Edoho a Chartered Accountant, Nutrition and weight loss specialist and owner of 9ja foodie ,She is Nigerian born but has been residing in Canada for over 10years . the Lose it Nigerian project steamed out of her coming clean about her weight loss journey as a food blogger and honoring the inflow of interest in her technique for achieving her body goals.

Overtime the reach of the project has grown beyond the shores of Nigeria and as of today it is effective in over 30 countries across the globe, this breaks the restriction that comes with Nigerian food as an effective meal plan in the weight loss industry. It a low risk involved method of keeping fit and healthy, can be seen as killing two birds with one stone.

Most weight loss diets are stopped halfway as they become costlier to manage or create health issues for the user as there is a drastic change in the meals consumed. The goal of Lose it Nigerian is to aid people in their weight loss journey but make it very affordable and considerate of the individuals environment and financial capacity. The creation of a meal schedule based on Nigerian foods is both genius and a breath of fresh air.

Their available plans include Postpartum, rapid cleanse, tummy trimmer and dress down. the price ranges from #5000 to #30,000 per plan. A typical plan includes a copy of the Lose it Nigerian meal plan book. they are all available for purchase on the Lim Website. The realistic testimonials and five star ratings that are dazzling under each plan is proof of the good work and the effectiveness of each plan by the users.

Her social media handles are active always, open for questions, interviews and value adding conversations on her 9jafoodie platforms. The content on these platforms revolve around meal schedules, recipes and useful food-formation.

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