Kuramo Home Food Cafe.

kuramo resturant is a Black family owned restaurant which started operating in 2006, it is one of the top homes of quality Nigerian meals in Baltimore. The name Kuramo can be traced back to the Portugese settlers who named a beautiful island they discovered in Eko Kuramo Beach because it reminded them of a beach back in Portugal.

It is owned by the Abolarin Family who named it Kuramo which is to convey the origin as a place as an economic fortress of splendor filled with entertainment, relaxation, great fun and fulfillment. The goal to live up to the big name of the restaurant has been fulfilled from day one with their state of art dining halls filled with the lingering smell of home for everyone who walks into the restaurant.

They specialize in the the sales of quality, warm, eyes and taste bud pleasing traditional African cuisine to the black and Nigerian foods loving community to cater for and satisfy all their needs and cravings.

kuramo restaurant meals
Picture from Kuramo Restaurant Website

This restaurant provides catering services for events in and around the environment of their city that need to satisfy the attendees with sumptuous Nigerian meals. Their menu ranges from soup, stew. swallow and cereals to encompass our favorite meals which include egusi, pounded yam, jollof rice, ogunfe, gbegiri, yam sauce, ewa aganyi and other indigenous meals.

Reviews on different platforms have complimented the homey feeling that comes with dining at their restaurant, the top notch taste of their meals and the quality tastiness delivered with every meal. their customer relations is equally one to note as their workers are always interested in helping the customers out, orders have a 30 minutes maximum delivery duration while indoor dining has a 15 minutes window period.

Kuramo is currently located at 4917 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21214, USA , however it used to be located in 8775. Cloud Leap Court, Columbia, Maryland. Most of the customers who got to enjoy the goodness the restaurant had to offer have followed up with it at this new location and they have said nothing but good things about the place and food.

The restaurants social media presence is equally effective, their Facebook page is filled with positive customer reviews and pictures of the restaurants dining halls.They are setup on yelp which ranks in the top 3 results when searched for. There are honest, unbiased, raw customer account reviews on the restaurants page.

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