Abdul Mujib Waziri

Abdul Mujib Waziri is a Lagos Based Event, Portraiture, Wedding, Engagement, Nature/Wildllife, Sports/Actions, Photojournalism, Landscape Photographer who goes by the name Alucardion. He had his Tetiary Education at the University of Lagos Akoka, he is a dog lover which is very obvious from the pictures on his pages filled with cute dog posts.

He photographs Traditional African Cuisine, he has pictures on Ewa Agayin, Ofada rice, Jollof rice among other things like his beautiful shots of scenery of different places and people. His works are available on Shutterstock , Instagram.

Alucardion has a wide array of lifestyle pictures on his Flicker.

Abdul Mujib is Active on twitter where he shares dog memes and his opinion about the current state of world Affairs. His Linkedin profile is filled with various exciting job positions he has filled over the years and certificates received.

Attached to this are some mesmerizing works of his with Traditional African meals.

amala alucardion Naija kitchn
Picture From Alucardion Instagram
Spahetti Alucardion Naija kitchn
Picture from Alucardion Instagram
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