Ubereats Swift Delivery Magician.

Ubereats is one of the active paticipants of the Delivery Industry.

Food delivery industry in the world grew wider when Uber launched Uber eats , an independent food delivery company off the Uber Franchise in August 2014. this gave a new outlook to the food delivery sector as a whole due to the fact that they came into business with a game plan to break the barriers of small time restaurants and enough capital to do it.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that rocked the world in the early 2020 social gathering restrictions which put in place to curb the incessant spread of the virus which has kept everyone in their house and made takeout ordering the new cool. The wave inflated Ubereats customer base to hit a 30% high as more people wanted to get their hands on their favorite restaurants meals.

The black community has not been exempted from this delivery fever as it has slowly evolved into the only way one can get certain meals especially now that the feeling of exhausting ones recipes keeps nagging or one is just tired of eating home cooked meals. this platforms is one of the few that sell the comfortability of having another go through the pick up stress.

Ubereats is selling affordability and fast door step meal delivery from your favorite big restaurants down the chain to the Small time restaurant around your office corner you might crave on some days. The delivery fee is from $2 as the least to $8 as the highest, the fee is calculated based on distance and a few other factors but is regulated and can never rise above the $8 maximum charge. The delivery duration is ranked to range between 10 -15 minutes which makes it express delivery at a very cheap rate which some times is lesser than the cab fare to the restaurants location.

There is a wide, diverse range of meals on the platform ranging across Italian cuisine, Chinese meals, Thai , Mexican, Pizza, Indian and Nigerian meals to cater for the diverse taste buds of the people living in the 34 countries the platform is up and functioning in.

The Presence of traditional African Cuisine restaurants on their list makes it relatively easier for Nigerian meals to travel from restaurants of choice to consumers. this has broken the barrier of unavailability of a particular restaurants meal in a city due to distance or any-other issues that might exist as a logistics factor. This roughly translates to the fact that your favorite restaurants in the outskirts of the city can deliver to you at very affordable rates.

In solidarity with the black community and as their way of joining the heated Black Lives Matter Movement Ubereats has cancelled delivery fees for all black owned restaurants for the year 2020.

One of the Key features of Ubereats that makes it distinct from other food delivery platforms is the presence of business or organization registration for companies to purchase meals for their employees, this shows that Ubereats cares for everyone and understands the lunchtime struggle for employees who most times are never able to get good meals and have to resort to snacks and soda to run through the day.

The Ubereats website is the recommended go to for meals however its application is available for download on Apple Store and Play Store for Apple and Andriod phones respectfully for ease of access to the platform.

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